Archaeological work continues at the Villas of Oplontis.

Hello F.O.E.s,

Welcome to our very first blog in what we believe will be an exciting journey through Pompeiian history and antiquities –  culminating in an exhibit at the Museum of the Rockies in June 2016.

Today, we see our very own Professor Regina Gee (MSU College of Arts and Architecture) continuing her decade-long research this week at the Villas of Oplontis near Pompeii.  Villa A, believed to have belonged to the second wife of Emperor Nero (Pompaea), is the second largest Roman villa ever unearthed.  Two hundred and fifty meters to the east, Villa B, believed to have belonged to the merchant L. Crassius Tertius, may have been a wine distribution center on the Bay of Naples.  It is here, in Villa B, that we see Professor Gee and archaeologist Paul Wilkinson studying fresco fragments that were taken down from the walls in antiquity (about 2,000 years ago) as a part of a repainting project.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


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